Michelle became passionate about Body Modifications at a very young age and started her path as a piercer when she was 17. 

The beginning of her career is strictly linked to the discovery of the "Bonnie & Clyde Tattoo Studio", where she met Bonnie and Clyde for the first time. Clyde is in fact not only a tattooer but also a piercer and he was the first one to introduce  her to this art and its techniques. 

From there her job took her to unexpected places and developed into much more.

She worked for another renown Italian artist and while improving her piercing skills, she also learnt everything she needed to know about managing a tattoo studio and its artists. Needless to say, she just fell in love with it. Finally felt like she had found what she was truly good at.

Her adventures as piercer & shop manager have brought her to different countries, shops and conventions and she was thrilled to partner with her old friends that where there when everything started, and create Oxytocina Tattoo. 

As a hopeless romantic, loving mother and happily married wife, she could not, not name her shop after the one thing that powers her life...that powers everything, LOVE.

 Oxytocin, the hormone of Love.