Fantastic execution of this pin up in a photo realism style. This is another one of those styles that has become incredibly popular in the past years. 

Initially people would go to few specialized realism artists to get portraits of loved ones that were no longer alive, it was considered a very specific style, as not many artists had the ability to reproduce "reality" and not many people wanted to get something as personal as somebody else's portrait tattooed on them. In time, and specifically in the past few years, many artists have found themselves intrigued by this style and have developed skills that are incredible, reproducing even the smallest of details. With the quality of tattooing growing so much, the amount of people deciding to get something in this particular style, has grown exponentially as well. 

It's important to keep in mind that photo realism is a style that requires patience, as every details counts, these are tattoos that require several hours depending on the complexity of the picture. And it is also very important to pick a high quality picture to achieve the best possible outcome.