Oxytocina Tattoo brings together passionate artists from around the world to create a one of a kind experience. We are more than a tattoo studio- we are a family of individuals who work to motivate one another to reach new levels. We are prideful, playful and dedicated to providing an experience our customers will love.

Our studio is named after the hormone Oxytocin, which is released when an individual falls in love.

At the core of our business is LOVE: love for what we do, love for our customers and love for the community. This core is also how our founding partners met and solidified their bond. Matthew and Michelle met through tattooing, both of them have traveled extensively attending world renowned tattoo conventions and studios. Through these travels they created connections with numerous industry leading artists. They decided to partner with life long friend Bonnie, EX owner of "Bonnie & Clyde Tattoo Studio" in Cremona, Italy.

Together they created Oxytocina, whose goal is to help introduce you to the inspiring and remarkable world of tattooing though our dedicated resident and guest artists. Our resident tattoo artists specialize in: Realism Tattooing,Figurative realism,  Illustrative Tattooing, watercolor & sketch, new school and Cartoon. Oxytocina will also be housing a number of new and reoccurring international guests. We work diligently to bring these remarkable artists from around the world to see and work in the beautiful city of Barcelona. You can check out our “Guests” section to learn who will be coming through.